Bus driver gets fairy tale ending after pining over passenger for 6 years


After lusting over his passenger for six years, bus driver Jarrod Spedding, 43, is finally marrying the woman of his dreams.

Jarrod said that Charlene Liversidge, 33, used to take his Witchway X43 to Manchester every day. Every time Jarrod saw her, he got butterflies. The couple said that they spent years exchanging glances on the bus until they finally went out on a date. Jarrod said:

%shareLinks-quote="I used to get butterflies when I saw Charlene at the bus stop. I used to write my phone number on her bus pass. Eventually, five or six years on, we met up on a night out and hit it off. The rest is history." type="quote" author="Jarrod Spedding" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

Charlene, who works as a carer, also had a crush on her dreamy bus driver. She said:

%shareLinks-quote="I didn't know his name, but whenever I saw him I would tell the girls at work. Now we're engaged and planning our wedding, it's just surreal." type="quote" author="Charlene Liversidge" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

The future bride and groom even had an adorable bus-shaped cake at their engagement party to symbolize their sweet meet cute. Charlene said:

%shareLinks-quote="It was my idea to have something that represented how we met, it's part of our story. It was a real talking point." type="quote" author="Charlene Liversidge" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

Posted by Charlene Liversidge on Monday, September 14, 2015

All of Charlene's and Jarrod's friends and family are very happy for the love birds, especially after hearing them gush about one another for six years. This is definitely a story for the fairy tale books.

Watch this video to see other bus drivers making their passengers very happy:

Boston Bus Driver Stops at Lemonade Stand to Treat Passengers
Boston Bus Driver Stops at Lemonade Stand to Treat Passengers

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