Toddler dies after drinking mother's methadone from water bottle

Child Dies After Drinking Mother's Methadone
Child Dies After Drinking Mother's Methadone

A Milwaukee toddler died on Monday after accidentally drinking her mother's methadone, a narcotic pain reliever often used to treat drug addiction. A neighbor, Harriet Hill said:

"I had heard like this blood-curdling scream. I heard screaming of 'Oh my gosh, she is dead. She is dead. Elizabeth was screaming erratically that her child was dead. Her neighbor who lived down here was trying to console her, and that's when I ran down and found the child on the front."

Hill prayed for the 20-month-old little girl, Kyleeh, as a fellow neighbor tried to perform CPR. Hill said:

%shareLinks-quote="I couldn't do anything but pray. I prayed over the child. I prayed with Elizabeth. It was a floodgate of 911 calls coming in to try and help save this child." type="quote" author="Harriet Hill" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

By the time emergency crews arrived, the toddler was already dead. According to a medical examiner's report, Kyleeh was left in her mother's van that morning with her 8-year-old brother as their mother took their other sibling to a doctor's appointment. It was discovered that Kyleeh drank methadone while waiting in the van.

Elizabeth, the mother, stated that she must have poured half of her dose of methadone into an empty water bottle in her van. Hill said:

"It's just heart wrenching. Kyleeh was quiet. She was a wondrous type of child, big, round, beautiful eyes. She was a wonderful - she seemed like a really wonderful kid."

Our thoughts are with Kyleeh's family during this tragic and difficult time.

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