Hidden camera shows brilliant baby escaping bed with skilled plan

When a couple discovered that their baby was somehow clambering out of bed every night, they set up a hidden camera to see how he managed to get out of the bed. What they found was brilliant, adorable and hilarious. Watch the full video here.

As the video plays, we see the tot peering over the edge of the bed, yearning to reach the floor for a wider crawling surface. When he discovers that his stubby little legs don't quite reach the ground, he puts a new plan to action.

The baby uses all of his mighty strength to lug three large pillows over the side of the bed and stack them on top of one another. As he can't possibly endure a night's worth of adventure crawling without his beloved pacifier, he hurls that onto the ground following the pillows before sending himself over.

Finally, it's his turn to take the plunge. He tests the height of his anticipated fall by dangling his legs over the edge of the bed so that his feet hover just above the top pillow. Taking one final deep breath the brave tot rolls himself over the bed and onto the pillows. It's a clean landing! The boy is safely cushioned and free to roam about as he pleases. It might be cute right now, but these parents are in for some eventful teenage years!

The video, under the title "Future Engineer" with the caption "My son the genius," has received over 975,000 views.

Watch this video to see a similar instance in which parents caught their babies being silly on a hidden camera:

Hidden Camera Reveals What Babies Do During Nap Time
Hidden Camera Reveals What Babies Do During Nap Time

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