Woman posts terrifying video of a 'ghost' in her kitchen


While fall has barely begun and most of us aren't quite getting into the spooky Halloween spirit just yet, it seems Ashy Murphy's home in Cork, Ireland is getting haunted a bit early. Rather than running away screaming as the rest of us undoubtedly would, Murphy recorded a video to show the world that a spirit is lurking around her kitchen.

When we start to watch the video, we quickly find our attention spans dwindling as we watch the ceiling light swing to the beat of the background music for what feels like forever. Just as we're about to give up and call the video bogus, things heat up. Suddenly, a pan gets knocked over out of nowhere. This leads to an array of items getting thrown about the kitchen. Cabinet doors swing open, something on the counter slides onto the floor and a large mop bucket slides toward the camera.

We may not buy the whole ghost thing, but this video certainly is spooky. We have no idea what could have caused the kitchen ruckus and we're not entirely sure we want to find out!

Do you think there's a ghost in Murphy's kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

Watch this video for more creepy ghost stories:

'Ghost Stalkers': Ghost Apparition Caught on Camera
'Ghost Stalkers': Ghost Apparition Caught on Camera

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