Study finds that women who drink 2 pints of beer a week cut heart attack risk by 1/3


According to scientists, a new study reveals that women who drink a couple of pints of beer every week can cut their risk of suffering a heart attack by one-third. The study shows that while drinking heavily isn't healthy for the heart, a beer or two a week is actually healthier than drinking no alcohol at all.

Drinking spirits, on the other hand, can put people at a greater risk of getting cancer. The study found that women who drink spirits twice a month of more had almost a 50 percent higher risk of getting cancer compared to those who don't drink.

For the study, researchers focused on 1,500 women during a 50-year period and recorded their average consumption of beer, wine and spirits. Participants were asked to rate their consumption of each type of drunk on a scale of "daily" to "nothing in the past 10 years."

After 32 years, the women were re-surveyed. Researches found that 185 of the women had suffered heart attacks, 162 had suffered strokes,160 had developed diabetes and 345 had developed cancer since the original study. At this point, the women were between the ages of 70 and 92.

The women who claimed that they drank beer once or twice every week had a 30 percent lower risk of heart attack than women who drank more than two beers a week or women who didn't drink at all. Thus, the research team concluded that moderate female beer drinkers appear to be more protected from heart attacks. Author Dr. Dominique Hange of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, said:

"Previous research also suggests that alcohol in moderate quantities can have a certain protective effect, but there is still uncertainty as to whether or not this really is the case. Our results have been checked against other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which substantiates the findings. At the same time, we were unable to confirm that moderate wine consumption has the same effect, so our results also need to be confirmed through follow-up studies."

The study was published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care in July 2015.

Watch this video to see how drinking beer can also make you smarter:

Drinking Beer Can Make You Smarter
Drinking Beer Can Make You Smarter

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