Sofia Vergara's favorite dance partner is a co-star's spouse

Vergara on Coffee, Career, Estefan Mexico Video
Vergara on Coffee, Career, Estefan Mexico Video

It's no secret that Sofia Vergara loves to dance -- the feisty "Modern Family" actress has been captured getting down at plenty of awards shows after parties.

Unfortunately, she wasn't able to "party too much" after the Emmys on Sunday due to an early flight the next day, but she still dished in an exclusive interview with AOL about her favorite after-party dance partner -- and surprisingly, it's not fiance and "Magic Mike" star Joe Manganiello!

"I think Justin, Jessie Tyler Ferguson's husband, dances very good and so we always do our thing," she said in an exclusive interview with AOL. "But I dance with anyone!"

Dancing clearly comes naturally for the star, but that's not the only thing the bombshell feels passionately about. Unsurprisingly, the Colombian star loves her coffee -- and she's on a mission to "educate" Americans about the rich coffee she grew up with.

"Coffee is part of my growing up, my family, of my world," she said. "I'm used to rich coffee, and I think coffee needs to be."

Vergara revealed that she's not happy with the coffee she gets in America.

"Because I'm used to great coffee in Colombia, you take it for granted when you're over there, and when you come here, people are used to a different type of coffee," she said. "There are measurements ... there are ways that its supposed to be done the right way, and I don't like watery coffee, like for example when you get on a plane — sometimes i just hope I had brought my own thermos of coffee because it's so watery."

Vergara recently teamed up with NinjaShark's new Ninja Coffee Bar -- a new one-stop shop for home coffee drinks, including a rich hot brew, iced coffee and specialty espresso drinks.

"Sometimes people just don't know how to make coffee. You don't know simply. This machine does it for you. You just follow the instructions. It dispenses the amount of water you need. It's super easy, and you don't have to do anything," Vergara said.

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