You'll never believe the racially insensitive note this man received on his curry order receipt


When 44-year-old Stuart Lynn ordered a $30 meal at his local Indian restaurant and asked for his curry to be served very mild, he was shocked to receive a receipt marked "VERY MILD, WHITE PPL."

As mild curry is a fairly normal request, Lynn was surprised and angry to read the message written on the receipt. He believes that the note was a slur, suggesting that white people are unable to handle the level of spiciness common to most curries. Lynn told The Mirror:

"I was not happy at all - it said 'white people' next to my curry. It implies we can't deal with strong curries. I do like a hot curry sometimes. I just fancied a mild one for a change. I thought it was very rude of them. It was the first time I've been in there and I won't be going back."

After receiving the note, Lynn complained to the curry house in Southall, West London. He told the owner that he and his partner were put off their meal due to the rude receipt. The owner, Ruby Kandasamy, however, clarified what "white ppl" actually meant on the receipt. He said:

"Under white ppl, we don't mean white people, but a white sauce made from milk, single cream, coconut milk and spices we add to our dishes when a curry is requested mild. 'Ppl' means 'milk.' However, we have decided to change the way we inform the kitchen and will mention 'add white ppl' or 'with white sauce' to avoid any confusion with our customers."

It is unclear as to whether or not Lynn believes that the note was not a slur after Kandasamy's clarification.

Watch this video to see other shocking notes people have left on receipts:

Rude Note on Receipt Gets Mayor's Attention
Rude Note on Receipt Gets Mayor's Attention

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