Woman hides drugs in her child's bag of Animal Crackers


A Nashville woman was arrested for child endangerment after an abundance of Xanax pills were found in her young child's package of Animal Crackers.

Cynthia Rodriguez, 24, was seen by an officer conducting a traffic stop who said the young mother appeared intoxicated. According to police, three full bars and two half-bars of Xanax were found inside the Animal Crackers package the child was eating from.

Police believe that the Rodriguez may have been taking part in a drug buy. The child was standing next to Rodriguez in the passenger seat.

Police said Rodriguez's speech was slurred at the scene. She was charged with child endangerment, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

Watch this video to see how dangerous Xanax can be:

Xanax-Related ER Visits Double In 7-Year Study
Xanax-Related ER Visits Double In 7-Year Study

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