Why today is so important for bisexuality

Bisexuals Break Down The Biggest Misconceptions About Their Marriages
Bisexuals Break Down The Biggest Misconceptions About Their Marriages

While there have been significant steps forward for the LGBT community, there are still barriers to be broken down. One of the groups looking for change is the "B" in LGBT.

September 23rd marks the 16th annual "Celebrate Bisexuality Day" (CBD), an international awareness day that is also referred to as Bi Visibility Day and Bisexual Pride Day. CBD is the highlight of Bisexual Awareness Week, which kicked off this past Sunday.

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The bisexual community is speaking out and showing their pride through a variety of events this week all over the country. The community is grateful to have celebrity voices as well, to get the word out and de-stigmatize this group.

These celebrities identify as bisexual:

Actress Evan Rachel Wood has recently opened up in a series of heartwarming tweets, letting her followers know that it's okay to be bisexual and "not to give into shame."

Read more about the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community here:

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