Apple says iPhone 6S orders in New York might be delayed because of the pope

How Pope Francis Is Changing Catholicism
How Pope Francis Is Changing Catholicism

Even if your preordered iPhone 6S is scheduled to arrive on launch day this Friday, you might still have to wait a little longer to get your new iPhone if you live in New York.

Apple recently sent an email to New Yorkers who have preordered the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus to warn them that there might be a delay in delivery.

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The email, which Gawker's Sam Biddle tweeted on Tuesday, notes that deliveries may be pushed back due to "traffic restrictions expected for that day in New York City."

See images of the pope's Washington, D.C. visit:

Pope Francis will be visiting New York on Sept. 24-25, so increased security measures will be in place all over the city.

Earlier this week, the UPS issued a notice on its website saying that delivery services to certain zip codes in New York will be disrupted between Sept. 22-27.

If your new iPhone is unable to be delivered on Friday, Apple says there will be deliveries on Saturday as well.

Here's Biddle's tweet with the full email Apple sent out to those who preordered the new iPhone:

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