4-month-old Yorkie puppy suffered severe acid attack


WARNING: Sensitive material below

Over the weekend, a 4-month-old Yorkie puppy was brought to the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Sandy Springs, GA after suffering an acid attack. The Atlanta Humane Society is now offering a $10,000 reward leading to the arrest of suspects in connection to the attack.

The puppy, named Mason, was brought to the shelter with acid burns all over his body. Workers at the Georgia Veterinary Specialists in Sandy Springs treated Mason's injuries. Although his wounds are now clean, specialists say that he runs the risk of infection and blindness. Specialist Chris Piscatelli said:

"I think we're seeing some improvement. The wounds are clipped and clean. We put him on pain medication so I think he's more comfortable. His condition is stable."

Hopefully Mason will make a full recovery without becoming blind or infected. Lifeline Animal Project is paying for Mason's treatment and is accepting all donations to help the poor pup. Click here to help keep Mason safe, healthy and comfortable.

According to CBS46, at least four other dogs were also burned in the same area. Animal control is working to determine if the other cases are related.

Watch this video to learn how acid attack survivors are finding ways to feel beautiful:

Refuge for Acid Attack Survivors
Refuge for Acid Attack Survivors

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