Mother dies after fairground ride in front of her young children


When a mother brought her two young daughters to a fairground for a night of fun, she suddenly suffered a heart attack while riding the Twister attraction. She died in the hospital that evening.

Lianne Harris was sitting on the ride with her two daughters when she slumped over. In less than 15 seconds, the ride was stopped and the funfair staff was at the scene, caring for the two young girls as desperate attempts were made to revive their mother.

Watch this video to see the Twister attraction:

Although Harris was revived twice while waiting for the ambulance in Sheldon Country Park, Birmingham, she died later at Heartlands Hospital. According to Robert Wilkinson, the funfair owner, the incident occured on the final night of the fairground's four-day stay. He said:

"Those young children came to the fair with their mum to have fun and they left without her. It's just heartbreaking. We are all completely devastated, but I'm so proud of our volunteer first aiders - they brought her back twice and the paramedics said later that they did a marvellous job."

Friends of Harris say that she "lived for her kids" and that she was "a loving woman and fantastic mommy." Our thoughts are with her family, especially her two young children, during this tragic time.

Watch this video to see another horrifying incident that occurred on a similar fairground ride:

Horror as Teenagers Trapped Under Fairground Ride
Horror as Teenagers Trapped Under Fairground Ride

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