Adorable 2-year-old is horrible at blowing out birthday candles


As 2-year-olds (read: 20-year-olds), nothing beats the excitement of blowing out those bright, mesmerizing candles on the top of a birthday cake. Not only does it enable the birthday person to make an awesome wish, it also means the whole crew is one step closer to indulging in scrumptious birthday cake.

Unfortunately for the 2-year-old featured in the video above, blowing out birthday candles isn't always as easy as the movies make it seem. In the viral video, the adorable little boy, Marty, is absolutely delighted when his parents light his birthday candle and sing "Happy Birthday" on his behalf. He can't wait to blow the candle out, but his first few attempts prove that he might need a bit of assistance.

The repeated failed attempts to blow out the candle don't sway this positive little guy, though. He keeps giving it his all as he strategizes by getting closer to the candle (and almost burning his nose!) and trying to blow it out from different angles.

Finally, the boy's father grabs a straw and tells the boy to blow through it. Voila! The candle is finally blown out and the celebrations may commence. Of course, the boy's parents might want to opt out of enjoying this particular birthday cupcake seeing as how it's now likely covered in their son's spit.

Also, we really like the idea of blowing out birthday candles through a straw. Perhaps it'll become a new trend! You're a step ahead of your time, Marty. Happy birthday!

Watch this video to see one kid who has no trouble blowing out birthday candles...even when they're not his to blow out:

Kid Hilariously Blows Out Birthday Girl's Candle!
Kid Hilariously Blows Out Birthday Girl's Candle!

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