Little girl just wants parents to get along in adorable viral video

6-Year-Old Has Heart-Melting Plea for Divorced Parents To Get Along
6-Year-Old Has Heart-Melting Plea for Divorced Parents To Get Along

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we could all just be nice to one another? One little girl hates to see her parents argue and, as she explains in a viral video, just wants them to try their best to always be kind.

The little girl, Tiana, has become an Internet sensation after her mother, Cherish Sherry, uploaded the video to Facebook of Tiana explaining why people need to follow their hearts and be kind in order to make the world a good place. The video has been viewed more than 9 million times in less than a week. The girl is certainly wise beyond her years. Especially when she said:

"If we live in a world where everyone's being mean, everyone's going to be a monster in the future! If there's just a little bit of persons and we eat them then nobody will ever be here. Only the monsters in our place. We need everyone to be a person. Everyone."

According to Sherry, the sweet little girl gave the speech to both of her parents after witnessing them fighting. Sherry wrote in the video's caption:

"I was stunned by it! She is teaching me!! ...And this is part of it as didn't think she could think like that!! She brought me tear[s] and feel guilty"

Good work, Tiana. You're increasing world peace one reality check at a time.

Watch this video to learn how to spread kindness and be more like Tiana:

One Day of Kindness Boomerang
One Day of Kindness Boomerang

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