Impressive rat carries entire slice of pizza down subway stairs

A video of a rat carrying an entire slice of pizza down a flight of subway stairs has surfaced on social media and is sending the Internet into chaos. While some might find the rat in the video disgusting, others can't help but cheer the little guy on as it goes to great lengths for a well-deserved late night indulgence.

It's not like we haven't all been there. Anyone who has ever ordered a meal at the Cheesecake Factory or gone for that extra side of fries at a local diner despite never finishing them fully understands what it's like to have eyes bigger than one's stomach. Besides, the rat may have been bringing the pizza slice home where it'll share the slice in the darkest depths of the subway station with its entire rat family.

Plus, the rat undoubtedly worked up a sweat carrying the hefty pizza slice all the way down the stairs. It's obviously going to need to refuel with a slice of greasy cheesy goodness.

While it may have been somewhat traumatizing to witness the incident in action, looking back at the video, we're quite impressed with the rat's strength, drive and ability to prioritize. We hope it's now chilling in some subway corner soundly enjoying its food coma. Your loss, pizza slice abandoner!

Watch this video to see how picky rats can be about their food:

Dexter the Rat Hates Broccoli
Dexter the Rat Hates Broccoli

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