This new airplane seat design could majorly speed up boarding

Airlines are increasingly trying to fit more people on their planes to maximize the capacity of each trip, but this usually comes at the cost of comfort and complications during the boarding process. With these problems in mind, Molon Labe Designs developed a new concept for airplane seating that could revolutionize they way we board and fly.

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The design is called Side-Slip Seat and it functions in a way that lets the aisle seat slide on top of the middle seat to create a lot of extra space while the passengers are boarding by doubling the aisle's size. Additionally, the much dreaded middle seat is set lower and a few inches back compared to the side seats, and this will provide extra space and comfort.

Earlier this year, we witnessed another airplane seat design that looked like it was about to make air-travel one of the worst experiences out there as you can see in this video:

French Company Designs Face-to-Face Airplane Seating Plan
French Company Designs Face-to-Face Airplane Seating Plan

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