Rachel Antonoff on fashion shows and her famous brother

Rachel Antonoff on Fashion Shows and Her Famous Sibling
Rachel Antonoff on Fashion Shows and Her Famous Sibling

When you stepped into the Rachel Antonoff presentation, it was like stepping into a rustic summer adventure, with models going fishing and bird-watching right in the middle of the Plaza Hotel. It was bold, bright, and a lot of fun.

On her NYFW venue:
Palm Court so beautiful. I was here for a meeting and we were trying to figure out where we could possibly do this bizarre idea and I'm looking around thinking this already is the idea. Like there are palm trees here, we can make this happen. So we worked on it and made it happen. The people here are - pleasure doesn't even begin to describe them - like the fact we were up here at 4 a.m. throwing garbage on their floor and they're like psyched about it and taking pictures is amazing.

On her brother, Musician Jack Antonoff:
I have a funny thing with him where something that might send me into a rage with somebody else, I see it and I instantly think it is funny. He once took himself out of my phone and changed the name with his number to the guy that I had a crush on and he texted me from that name. I had a full conversation with who I thought was this guy and he was like "Where are you?" and I was in bed. I was like "I'm out" - you know, I didn't want to be like I'm in bed but I'll get up. I got up, I showered, I did my hair and then Jack called and I'm like - "Guess who I'm going to meet!"

On social media:
Social media is actually really important to me because I feel like there's not a lot of distinction between my job and my life. Who I am is very much what this company is and theres not a lot of ways to show that outside of Instagram. I'm not that big on Twitter because I think pictures often do say more.

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