This self-freezing soda trick is exactly what you need to impress at any party


As summer comes to an end and fall lurks around the corner, we realize that we don't have much time left to enjoy deliciously refreshing frozen treats. Pretty soon it'll be too cold to chill in the park with a fruity popsicle or endure the worth-while wait around the block for your favorite ice cream. Not that it's ever too cold for ice cream. Nevertheless, we must take to freezing as many freeze-able beverages as humanly possible!

Thankfully, the task won't be too difficult. That's because there's a new hack that enables anyone to turn a bottle or can of soda into a slushy on-demand. This trick is crazy! we can't believe our eyes as we watch a bottle of Coca-Cola, demonstrated in the video above, instantly transform into a bottle of Coca-Cola flavored slushy! It's the most convenient magic trick in the book.

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...Or so it seems. In reality, this task actually takes over three hours to carry out. However, it'll be worth the effort when you're impressing bae with your seemingly amazing party trick.

Here's how it works:

  • Grab a bottle or can of room-temperature soda and start shaking it violently. You really want to work those biceps here.

  • Set the bottle in a freezer for three hours and 15 minutes. At that point, they'll be colder than freezing but not actually frozen. To your friends, it'll look like just a normal soda.

  • Release the pressure by loosening and re-tightening the cap.

  • Flip the bottle upside down. The entire bottle will turn to an icy soda slush before your eyes! Amazing!

You're welcome for making you the coolest person at the party. Give us a shout out when you're famous for this trick!

Want to add a little extra buzz to your slushy? Watch this video to learn how to make boozy slushies:

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