This dad built an amazing backyard obstacle course for his son who loves 'American Ninja Warrior'

'American Ninja Warrior': Jessie Graff at the 2015 Las Vegas Finals
'American Ninja Warrior': Jessie Graff at the 2015 Las Vegas Finals

Take the video and above boil everything down to the size for a toddler. That's essentially what one awesome father did for his son.

Yoshi Koge is just like every toddler in that he loves to watch television. His favorite show? "American Ninja Warrior." When his father found out, he did what any dad would do, make his son's dream come true.


Yoshi's father, Ken, told BuzzFeed his interest in the show came after watching just one episode last year. "He started watching American Ninja Warrior about a year ago. His interest has grown over time to the point of running over and around toys in the living room during the commercials."

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He went on to mention it was very much a father and son project that involved using random pieces from their garage. "One afternoon, Yoshi and I were in the garage and I just started pulling random items out of the garage to make a little course for him to see how he would like it. Needless to say, he loved it!"

Kimberly, Yoshi's mother, uploaded the awesome video of Yoshi testing out the course and absolutely killing it! Check out the whole thing in the video below.

Pretty incredible, right!

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