Powerful confessions from undocumented immigrants

As more and more people, including presidential candidate Donald Trump, publicly condemn undocumented immigrants as a dangerous "other," many undocumented immigrants in the United States are living in fear of judgment and deportation.

As Trump advocates for the forced removal of millions of people without documentation, he suggests that these individuals are violent, invasive, and immoral. Meanwhile, many undocumented immigrants make up families, schools, and thriving communities. Many didn't choose their situations and desperately seek acceptance in the place that they've always considered home.

Several hard-working people dislike the idea of undocumented immigrants making them feel cheated or gypped. Thus, these immigrants have acquired a negative stigma that many of them desperately attempt to shrug.

Several undocumented immigrants have taken to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share their powerful feelings, thoughts, and fears with regard to their undocumented statuses.

Many undocumented immigrants don't choose the situations they're born into.
I'm an illegal immigrant and I hate seeing so much hatred against us. I didn't ask to be brought here.

Many are just looking to start a new life for themselves.
I'm no longer with my boyfriend even though I love him and he loves me because we are both undocumented. I want a bright future.

They live in fear of being deported from their life-long homes.
I'm an illegal immigrant and I came to this country when I was 3. I'm scared to death that I'll be deported one day and I'll have to say goodbye to the only place I've ever called home.

I've been living in fear for 13 years because I'm an illegal immigrant.

Some don't even realize that they're living in the country illegally.
I can't go to my dream college because I just found out I'm here illegally and it's too expensive.

And they desperately try to separate themselves from stereotypes.
I'm an illegal immigrant and I hide it from my significant other because I don't want him thinking I'll use him to get a green card.

Some respect and understand the country's history to a very impressive extent.
i probably know more about the United States history than most American "citizens" and im an illegal immigrant

Many don't choose the paths they find themselves on.
I didn't choose to move here.I was brought over before I could speak. Being an illegal immigrant screwed up my life

They're often extremely patriotic and just want to be accepted in the country they love.
I'm an illegal immigrant and I love America more than my home country. America has given me more chances to be someone than my ow country has. I just wish I could become a legal citizen.

They value the opportunities that come with citizenship.
Wish I could be my brother and have all the opportunities that come with being a US CITIZEN, instead I find myself fighting for a chance to a better life. I am undocumented, but American at heart.

They feel a sense of belonging in the United States.
I came to this country when I was 5 years old and I'm now 20. I feel like I don't belong anywhere else but the U.S.

Coming out as undocumented can lead to a world of judgment and insecurity.
It's easier to tell people that I'm gay than to tell them I'm undocumented.

Which is difficult when this country is all one knows.
I'm an "illegal alien" and I've been here since I was 4. America is all I know. I'm terrified of being "sent back" to a country I don't know.

Some are proud of their undocumented statuses.
I am an undocumented immigrant and I am proud of it

But it definitely takes a toll on families.
I'm illegal, it's hard to see my parents going through so much suffering paying a lot of bills.

Even the right to an education is nearly impossible for undocumented immigrants to acquire.
I want nothing more than to further my education. but since I'm an illegal immigrant, I can't get FAFSA going to even the cheapest schools is hard. I just want to make my dreams a reality

They're often judged at face-value.
I'm an illegal immigrant since the age of 3. I used to cry myself to sleep because of it. I'm not a bad person, I've done nothing wrong. Yet some people think all illegals are bad, but not all are....

Even if they came to the country legally.
I'm envious of people that CAN work and be a productive member of society but CHOOSE not to, meanwhile I can't be employed because I'm undocumented even though I came to this country LEGALLY.

Often times, undocumented immigrants are looking for opportunities to thrive and live happier and healthier lives.
I am undocumented. I am not a criminal. My family was In search of a better life, why is that so different from the Pilgrims?

For more undocumented immigrant confessions, ​check out Whisper.

Watch this video for more information about the harsh reality of being an undocumented immigrant:

African Engineer On The Harsh Reality Of Being An Undocumented Immigrant

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