These two complete strangers have identical faces

Site Helps Two Identical Strangers Meet

Two complete strangers share a mind-blowing commonality: they have the same face. Ambra, 23, from North Carolina and Jennifer, 33, from Texas recently met up after discovering that they are each other's doppelgangers.

The identical women met through a website called Twin Strangers that helps people find their look-alikes across the country. Ambra said:

"When I finally met her, it was like 'Oh my goodness, there's another person, she really does have my face."

Jennifer was similarly shocked to meet Ambra. She said:

"There was a moment after we did our makeup that I looked in the mirror. I thought I was looking at myself at first, but the mirror wasn't angled properly for that. When I realized my mistake, I turned the mirror and felt a jolt of shock when I saw us together. It was actually a pretty terrifying feeling, like seeing your own ghost."

After traveling to meet one another, the two women were given the same clothes and makeup and posed together for a photoshoot. Watch the footage from the meet-up:

The resemblance is crazy! We can't believe two strangers can look so similar. Even Jennifer's mother was bewildered at the sight of Ambra. She told Ambra:

"You look so much like my daughter. Your smiles are the same."

The website was set up by Niamh Geaney and her two friends in Dublin Ireland in April after Geaney discovered her own doppelganger and wanted to see other people find theirs. Ambra and Jennifer were the first pair the site was able to get together. Since then, they have matched other pairs.

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