J.K. Rowling reveals sad truth about beloved character Hagrid

J.K. Rowling Is the Master of Keeping a Fandom Alive

J.K. Rowling just sent the Twitter-verse into chaos again with a surprising revelation about beloved "Harry Potter" character, Hagrid.

After a fan questioned Rowling about Hagrid's Patronas, a magical guardian containing all of the conjurer's most positive feelings, Rowling sadly replied that Hagrid was unable to produce a Patronus. She wrote:

"Hagrid couldn't produce a Patronus. It's a very difficult spell."

Poor Hagrid! The defensive charm is extremely difficult to conjure, as fans of the books and films know, and seeing as how Hagrid was expelled before finishing his time at Hogwarts, it makes sense that he was never able to pull off the tricky spell.

Nevertheless, fans are sad that Hagrid never had the opportunity to conjure his own special charm. As the Patronas is a projection of one's positive feelings, this revelation about Hagrid could suggest that he was very unhappy.

Given that he was abandoned by his mother, his father died, and he was expelled from school after being framed by Tom Riddle, it could be possible that Hagrid never had enough positive feelings to conjure a Patronas.

Ever since Rowling's tweet, Twitter-fiends have been expressing their sadness for Hagrid on their social media platform of choice.

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