These awesome robots bring you beer on demand

Robot Predicts Your Actions, Pours Your Beer

As tech-enthusiasts get further along in the progression of developing robots, they're considering exactly which aspects in our lives merit the use of robots. In other words, what is the best way to use robots in order to benefit our daily lives? Well, we really hate having to get off of the couch to get beer from the fridge...

Alas! Problem solved. Thanks to students at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, we will never have to press the dreaded "pause" button on the television remote in order to get a new beer ever again. The students have invented robots that work together to produce an on-deman beer-delivery system.

Introducing BeerBots: the best use of technology ever invented. Here's how it works. a user presses a button on the top of the "turtlebot," the free-roaming BeerBot that travels to different rooms to take orders. When the turtlebot receives an order, it goes to the "bartender" bot to retrieve a beverage. The bartender places the beverage in the turtlebot's cooler and the turtlebot delivers the goods. Voila! Beer is served.

University of New Hampshire professor and lead author of the project, Chris Amato, explained how complicated the system actually is. He told MIT News:

"Each robot's sensors get less-than-perfect information about the location and status of both themselves and the things around them. As for outcomes, a robot may drop items when trying to pick them up or take longer than expected to navigate. And, on top of that, robots often are not able to communicate with one another, either because of communication noise or because they are out of range."

The BeerBots system was originally presented in July at the Robotics Science and Systems conference. Fingers crossed that we'll be seeing them at our trendy friends' dinner parties in the near future!

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