This man's bionic arm can do more than yours

This Man's Bionic Arm Can Do More Than Yours

Technological innovation is sometimes so incredible that it looks like it's out of a science fiction movie.

This is the case of the bionic hand that Professor Bertolt Meyer uses for all kinds of daily tasks that were impossible before such advanced mechanical limbs were available.

The bionic hand is called "i-Limb," and it features an extremely advanced sensor that detects muscle movements in the upper part of the arm and translates them into actions that the hand can perform. In other words, Meyer can control the limb with his mind, by simply thinking of wanting to close or open his hand or move it around.

The i-limb has also pressure sensors that adapt to the shape of the item the fingers are trying to hold and provide a very safe grip.

According to the Touch Bionics, the company that manufactures the bionic hand, Meyer commented:

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