Women are getting overdrawn lip tint tattoos for fuller lips

How To Get Kylie Jenner's Full Lips

The famous Kardashian pouts are inspiring women all over the world to play up their lipliner game. While some might fear that the fuller lip look could go out of style in the near future, others are so confident in the timelessness of the seductive pouts that they're getting tattoos of overdrawn lipliner.

The "Kiss Me Lip Tint Tattoo" treatment is all the rage right now as people who fear lip fullers are flocking to the less invasive method. During the treatment, three different shades of pink are used to blend the lip line and complement people's natural pigmentations.

The treatment is only semi-permanent as it lasts for about 10 years. Nevertheless, a decade seems like a pretty long commitment for a possibly fleeting beauty trend. People are spending $1,195 on the treatment in addition to $350 touch-ups every three to five years.

The results, however, do not disappoint. The ink is subtle enough to appear completely natural. It also saves plenty of time and frustration that would have been spent attempting to draw on the perfect lipliner every morning. People are so happy with the results that they're posting their glamorous new pouts all over Instagram.

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