Watch a prankster use a robot to order from the drive-thru and make servers freak out

Watch a Robot Ordering at Drive-Thru Freak Out Employees

INSIDE EDITION -- Notorious YouTube prankster Magic of Rahat has struck again.

The joker obscured himself inside the driving seat of his car before placing a robot on his lap and visiting drive-thrus.

As unsuspecting workers opened their windows to serve the car, they jumped in shock when they saw their unlikely customer.

The robot lit up and spoke to them as it requested its orders.

Some workers screamed in horror, others stood there confused - but one dutifully offered it sauce.

The video is the latest prank from Rahat Hossain.

In 2013, he made a costume to look like the seat of his 2006 Nissan Altima, so it appeared as if no one was behind the wheel. He has made a series of videos using the costume, with each racking up millions of views.

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