This 'bubble' nail trend is popping up all over Instagram

"Bubble" nails are blowing up all over social media as more and more pictures of the unique nail trend are popping up on Instagram. The look is certainly original as it makes people's nails appear to be swollen and rounded, much like puffy paint or 3D stickers.

The unique look obviously begs the question, "how do I get my nails to do that?" According to Nails Magazine, you start with a ball of acrylic in the middle of the nail to achieve the glorified look. You then create a "hump" by making the center of the nail the highest and thickest point. The different levels of thickness help achieve the bubble look. In order to get the look just right, the curve of the acrylic must be perfect.

We're not exactly sure how we feel about this new nail trend. Sure, they look pretty edgy and striking. However, we can't imagine that they're all too practical. How are we supposed to text the crush or Facebook stalk the ex with our giant bubble nails getting in the way? But we know what they say, don't knock it till you try it! Would you try the bubble nail trend? Let us know in the comments!

Watch this video for more elaborate nail trends:

When Nail Art Becomes Gallery-Worthy

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