Your ultimate guide to celebrating National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

How to Make the Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich

Cookies are great. Ice cream is great. Together, they make delicious magic. What better way to celebrate the height of summer than with National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

Although the idea of sandwiching ice cream between two cookies wasn't new, Good Humor was the first to introduce packaged ice cream sandwiches in the 1920s.

Loved around the world, the frozen treat has a unique spin in every country.

Vietnam - Bánh mì kẹp kem

Scotland and Ireland - Sliders

United Kingdom - Nougat wafer

The possibilities are endless when it comes to ice cream sandwiches because of all the different types of ice cream flavors and and cookies there are. We've rounded up some offbeat ice cream sandwich recipes you can make right in the comfort of your own home:
Ice cream sandwiches
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Your ultimate guide to celebrating National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches 

You can't go wrong with a classic homemade ice cream sandwich. Instead of the traditional chocolate chip cookie ingredients, this recipe calls for almond flour and mini chocolate chips just to change things up.

Photo Credit: Billy Parisi

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Sandwiches

This 'ice cream' sandwich is really just smashed up frozen bananas. This is probably the healthiest 'ice cream' sandwich in this round up.

Photo Credit: Oh Bite It! 

Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

This recipe calls for fresh homemade raspberry ice cream. YUM! Allow the cookies to cool completely before attempting to handle them.

Photo Credit: PDX Food Love 

Zucchini 'Ice Cream' Yogurt Sandwiches

Who can resist an ice cream sandwich? What if we told you that you could eat an ice cream sandwich everyday and feel good about it? We don’t lie! With these zucchini 'ice cream' yogurt sandwiches you are getting a dose of veggies, calcium and the perfect balance of sweetness with a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon. What more could you ask for?

Photo Credit: Kitchen Belleicious 

Fudgy Dark Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches with Raspberry Buttercream

Rich, super fudgy, dark chocolate cookies that are so velvety their texture is almost like ganache. Sandwiched together with pretty pale pink buttercream that’s subtly flavored with raspberry.

Photo Credit: An Edible Mosaic 

Pumpkin Graham Ice Cream Sandwiches

Just because these seem a little more Autumn-appropriate, these ice cream sandwiches only require 3 ingredients so you can whip them up whenever! 

Photo Credit: Eating Made Easy

Blueberry and Chocolate Dessert Sliders with Vanilla Ice Cream

Blueberries and chocolate are such an under-appreciated combination. Note: This was originally an 'ice cream sandwich, but it gets a little messy, so we advice you just have vanilla ice cream on the side.

Photo Credit: Home Skillet Cooking Blog 

Maple Bacon Bourbon Brown Sugar Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

This recipe you see right here is composed of a glorious stack of bacon, maple, bourbon and brown sugar. Talk about a lethal combination.

Photo Credit: Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

Strawberry and Citrus Cornmeal Ice Cream Sandwiches

This flavor combination will surely awaken your tastes buds. The colors also make this vibrant dessert super kid-friendly.

Photo Credit: Hummingbird High

Salted Chocolate Chunk & Toffee Ice Cream Sandwiches

The cookies that hold together these beauties are ah-mazing. They are flat/thin (but still chewy), which is what you want for an ice cream sandwich so you can actually fit it in your mouth without unlocking your jaw with every bite.

Photo Credit: Garnish & Glaze

Smoreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yummm, slightly crunchy from the cookies, cool and creamy from the ice cream and a slight chewiness from the marshmallows really makes this recipe unique.

Photo Credit: This Silly Girl's Life 

Poptart Ice Cream Sandwiches

These are super simply and super yummy. Just mix your favorite ice cream flavor with your favorite Poptart and voila: an instant custom ice cream sandwich. These are a huge hit with kids and they can help you make them. You can even roll the edges in sprinkles for a little something special!

Photo Credit: Life With the Crusts Cut Off 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

A rich and decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream sandwiched between two Chocolate Yogurt Waffles. The sandwich is then dipped in chocolate ganache for a one of a kind end of Summer treat that will rival anything you can buy from the ice cream man.

Photo Credit: Melanie Makes 


Have the happiest ice cream sandwich day! Whichever way you choose to celebrate, let us know how it turns out in the comments below!

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