#Curvy is back on Instagram...but now there's another infuriating ban

Instagram Bans #Curvy and Users Fight Back

Last week, we reported that the body-positive hashtag #curvy was banned from Instagram. The ban sparked major controversy and backlash as women all across the social-media-sphere rebelled against the ban by starting a new hashtag, #curvee, to show off their self-love and sexy curves.

While we all felt very empowered sporting #curvee in the captions of our selfies as we showed off our bikini-clad curves, we now have the option to include #curvy once again.

But don't get too excited. While we had about two hot seconds to rejoice about the return of #curvy, Instagram has now banned another popular hashtag that has users, specifically female users, fuming.

Instagram has now banned #goddess from its platform. To make matters worse, #god is still recognize and accepted. Women can't identify as #goddesses, but men may still regard themselves as #gods. It's like they're trying to anger feminist Instagram enthusiasts.

Instagram execs have yet to comment on the reasoning behind the ban, but we have a feeling it has something to do with their reasoning behind the #curvy ban, which was allegedly to prevent nude images associated with the hashtag from appearing on the site.

However, Refinery29 reports that a search of the hashtag #goddess does not contain many nude images. It's mostly photos spreading body-positivity or religious values.

Users are now using the hashtag #BringBackTheGoddess to petition against the ban. We have a feeling #BringBackTheGoddess just might become as wide-spread and successful as #curvee.

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Hopefully Instagram will soon find a way to prevent nudity on the social media platform without eliminating body-positive and inspirational hashtags to do so.

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