This $1M vacuum cleaner made of gold will make your house shine

World's Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner Costs $1 Million

Do you hate vacuuming? If you really need to invest some money, here is the solution for you.

A 24 carat gold plated vacuum cleaner that costs more than most people's house.

The original product came from GoVacuum, a company that made only 100 units of their top notch cleaner, for the ones who can.

The vacuum cleaner was released with an epic video that showcases its features while a rap song plays in the background telling you that "if one million dollars is pocket cash to you, I know what a rich one like you should do: a million dollar vacuum, yeah who knew? you cleaning in style, got the gold shining through..."


In case this video really sold it to you, you can purchase your most expensive appliance on Firebox.

It comes with free shipping.

Though if you can afford this luxury cleaning toy you will for sure have a multitude of servants that can do the vacuuming for you.

Here is also the most expensive house in the U.S., which will go very well with your gold vacuum cleaner:

$139M mansion becomes most expensive listing in U.S.
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This $1M vacuum cleaner made of gold will make your house shine
"The Palais Royale"
"The Palais Royale"
Owlwood Estate
Owlwood Estate
The Manor

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