5 cheap iPhone camera tricks that will take your shots to the next level

9 New iPhone Tricks That'll Change Your Life

There are a few easy tricks that your iPhone can do but Apple never told you.

These simple hacks can let your creative side take over your phone camera to express your creativity, without the need for any app or extra expense on equipment.

1) Use your headphones as trigger:

Have you ever struggled to take a selfie because your arms are too short? Set your phone somewhere at a good angle, plug in the Apple headphones that come with the phone, start the camera and click the microphone attached to the headphones. The mic button will activate the trigger and give you the extra length of the cable.

2) Shoot through foggy windows instead of using Instagram filters

Are you always confused by what of the million Instagram filters you should use? Just get close to your window, breathe on it and take a photo. #Nofilter

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3) Use glass, prisms and broken lenses to experiment with new effects.

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New Yorker Hotel

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4) Shoot towards the sun.

Yes, you might have heard not to do that, but it can actually create some really nice results. It works best when the sun ray is diverted by an object, like the clouds or a building. If nothing is there to create that flare look, bring the sun to the border of your frame and that will create bring up some radiant effect to your photo.

5) Grab your old binoculars

Do you ever feel like you are too far away from something you want to take a photo of? Just dust off your old binoculars or even a telescope and look into them through your phone camera. You just made yourself a tele-photo lens.

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