This beautiful baby horse was born with a baby horse-shaped marking

While birthmarks can sometimes be embarrassing, we've always preferred the mentality that birthmarks simply provide us with extra character. They make us unique and sometimes even give us an interesting story to bring up at parties (guys let's talk about my birthmark...?).

Similarly, horses are born with markings that sometimes take on peculiar shapes. Nobody can argue that this chestnut foal's marking is quite the conversation topic. The foal's white marking is shaped in the profile of another horse running from the foal's left leg up to his back and all the way to his neck. Talk about character.

The marking appears as an optical illusion at first due to it's impeccable shape. The perfect white shadow seriously looks like a tiny horse riding beside the chestnut foal. It even appears to have its own mane as the chestnut foal's black mane transforms to white when it reaches the marking.

The pattern is so gloriously perfect that the foal's owners have named him Da Vinci, or Vinny for short (aww!). The unique foal was born in May at the Flying Hall riding school at Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire.

We seriously can't stop staring at this amazing marking. Just in case horses weren't miraculous and beautiful enough,Vinny's marking is just the icing on the cake...or sugar cube on the hay?

We can't wait to watch Vinny grow into a beautiful horse as he remains (literally) attached at the hip with his awesome shadow.

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This beautiful baby horse was born with a baby horse-shaped marking
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Watch this video to learn about why we have birthmarks:
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