Leaked Snapchat videos show Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook working out together

Kevin Durant's Emotional Response to the Scott Brooks' Firing
Kevin Durant's Emotional Response to the Scott Brooks' Firing


The Oklahoma City Thunder just endured their most crushing season since becoming a playoff mainstay in 2010. With Kevin Durant playing in just 27 games -- and Russell Westbrook missing a portion of the season himself -- the Thunder weren't able to crack the Western Conference's top eight.

Now, times are changing -- but not too much, OKC fans hope. Scott Brooks is out as coach and Billy Donavon is in. But the biggest change of all -- Durant possibly jumping ship and leaving Oklahoma City after his contract expires this season -- is one that the Thunder faithful hopes never comes to fruition.

We'll all need to wait a year to see how that situation pans out, but in the short-term, all fans can hope for is that Durant and Westbrook both return healthy for this upcoming season. And judging by recently leaked Snapchat videos obtained by The Oklahoman's Anthony Slater, the duo seems primed and ready for a triumphant return in 2015-16.

From a basketball fan's perspective, it's hard not to get excited over this footage. With a healthy Durant, the Thunder can compete with the West's elite, which is now scarier than ever. Along with the Clippers, Spurs, Rockets and defending champion Warriors, OKC has one last chance to rise to the top before KD hits the open market.

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