10 iPhone storage hacks that will save your day

Trick Your iPhone into Taking More Pictures

Is your phone's memory always way too full to take more photos or to move fast between all your different apps? Here are a few tricks to make sure that you always have space to record your experiences.

1) Check which apps are taking most of your phone memory away. You can see this by going on Settings > General > Storage. If something is taking too much space you can delete it from your phone or reorganize the way the app stores data.



2) Delete the apps you are not using. They are just there to clog your screen and your phone's brain. It's time to learn how to let go.

3) Don't download your whole iTunes library. Pick your favorite and clean up those playlists.

4) Don't let WhatsApp download all the incoming media files that your friends send you. Some selfies do not deserve your phone's storage space. Go on WhatsApp's Settings > Chat Settings and turn Save Incoming Media off.


5) You can also delete your chat history unless you are a nostalgic that always scrolls back on past conversations. This one is on Settings > Clear All Chats. Make sure you are not deleting anything important!

6) Don't save the original photo on Instagram. Unless you need the original file to get rid of all those filters, you don't need to save the original photo you shoot through the app. Go yo your profile, click the Options icon in the top-right corner and turn "Save Original Photos" off.

7) Clear Safari browsing history and cookies. This will not only clear some storage space, but also prevent anyone from seeing the most awkward questions you might have googled. Go on your phone's Settings > Safari > Clear History & Clear Cookies and Data.

8) Back up your photos, videos and documents to the Cloud or to your computer.

9) Delete all played podcasts. Podcasts are awesome, and also very long. So don't forget to delete them after you are done listening to them. We often leave them there for no reason.

10) Delete your Tinder messages. If it didn't work out don't let that person clog your phone's memory, nor your own.

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