How one man is risking prison and changing drug culture at music festivals

Lightning Injures 33 at Music Festival in Germany

While the festival-goers in the video above were injured by lightning, huge numbers of festival-goers are suffering injuries from something less coincidental: drugs.

It's no secret that drugs are constantly being passed around and taken at music festivals, but there's something that people aren't talking about: Most of the people taking these drugs actually have no idea what they're taking.

After witnessing drug use at one of his first music festivals, Adam Auctor decided to do something to help prevent some of the drug-related deaths that occur at music festivals. Thus, he founded The Bunk Police -- a company that helps people test their drugs before they take them.

He did heavy research online, and he eventually came across a kit that allowed police to test substances, realizing that individuals could use it, too. Before long, he attended 22 festivals, where he set up informational booths and sold his kits which now retail for about $20 each.

While these drug testing kits have been proven to be effective, festivals are completely rejecting Auctor and his organization. In fact, Auctor has made huge sacrifices in an effort to keep drug users safe -- well, as safe as you can be if you're taking drugs in the first place.He has lost thousands of dollars due from police confiscations, risked prison time, and he's even been forced to conduct illegal, secret research.

Auctor initially gave the kits out for free and accepted donations, but he told VICE, "By the end of that first summer I had depleted all of my funds and was finishing up my business degree. My GPA was great, but by that time I realized this is what I wanted to do with my life." He eventually decided to drop out of school and invest the last $9,000 of his student loans to start up The Bunk Police.

While this was a huge risk, it's definitely paid off. In fact, today, Bunk Police is one of the largest test-kit suppliers not only in the world.

There is no sign of drug use slowing down at festivals, but hopefully The Bunk Police will continue to make a difference in the drug culture at music festivals.

See the video below for The Bunk Police's full documentary:

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