UK foreign minister wants climate change to be treated like nuclear war

Thousands Join Mass Climate Change Lobby Outside UK Parliament
Thousands Join Mass Climate Change Lobby Outside UK Parliament


Globally, climate change is becoming an increasingly problematic issue, but people in the UK are making an effort to make a change and have their voices heard.

Baroness Joyce Anelay -- the minister of state at the Commonwealth and Foreign Office in the UK -- wants people to start taking climate change more seriously. In fact, she even went as far as to compare the threat of climate change to the threat of nuclear war.

She issued a climate change warning in the foreword section of a recent UK climate change envoy report, highlighting the crucial issues she wants to focus on.

Anelay emphasized global food security, migration, risk of terrorism and lethal heat issues. She realizes that climate change is a global threat, and she won't back down until she's heard and people gain a clearer understanding of the magnitude of the issue.

This gallery gives a glimpse into polar ice melting, a huge component of climate change:

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