The reason why mental health disorders emerge in your early 20s

How To Add Mental Health To Your Workout

Mental health has become increasingly important among young adults. In fact, some gyms are even providing mental health counseling now.

Between moving out of the house, going to college, starting your first job and ultimately starting a new chapter of your life, the path to becoming an adult is not an easy one. Life becomes more about finding out who you really are and less about being nurtured and sheltered, so it comes as no surprise that mental health disorders often emerge in young 20 somethings.

Vice spoke to a professional, Johanna Jarcho, Ph.D. Johanna is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health where she focuses on the differences in the brain development of healthy people versus the brain development of people who have mental health problems. Johanna told Vice that our mental conditions and mental health is deeply influenced by the way that our brains interact with specific social conditions.

When Vice asked Johanna about the frequency of mental illnesses among people in their early 20s, she said:

"The vast majority of mental health disorders do emerge during one's adolescence or early 20s. If you're going to have an anxiety disorder as an adult, there's a 90% chance that you'll have had it as an adolescent."

While some types of mental disorders are more based upon and affected by genetics than others, environmental factors can also influence the development of mental health issues.

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