New website makes it easier to find trans-friendly doctors

March and Rally for Baltimore Trans Uprising
March and Rally for Baltimore Trans Uprising

Although the transgender community has recently taken more steps forward than ever, transgenders still face daily discrimination socially, medically and politically.

While social and political strides are constantly being made, the medical issues that surround the transgender community seems to need a little more help. In fact, the transgender community faces a huge amount of discrimination in the healthcare realm.

Shocking numbers of transgender individuals are denied medical attention. The transgender community is specifically excluded from several different insurance company policies, and approximately 20 percent of the transgender population in America goes without health insurance.

That's where MyTransHealth comes in. The new website will help people locate transgender-friendly doctors in their respective areas.

GOOD Magazine reported that all of the doctors in the website's database will be pre-screened in an effort to ensure quality care and professional treatment for transgender patients. More specifically, the site will be clearly divided into four different categories of needs: medical, legal, mental health and crisis.

While the website is still in it's early stages of creation, the founders plan to launch a Kickstarter at some point this July. In terms of initial beta testing, the site will be tested for the first time in New York and Miami. The founders chose these two cities because they represent opposite sides of the spectrum for medical issues in the transgender community. While New York has a wide range of healthcare options for transgender individuals, Miami has very few.

The site founders intend for MyTransHealth to be a non-profit and remain free for users.

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