Eight 90's shows that we need back in our lives

90s Kids TV Shows They Should Bring Back Now We're Adults

Just because we are adults with jobs, rent and copious amounts of student loans doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy the finer things in life, like 90's television.

The 90's was bar none, the best time for television. You had "Cheers," "Seinfeld," "Friends," "Frasier," "Will & Grace," "Beverly Hills: 90210," "Home Improvement, "The Nanny," need we go on, because we can.

Nonetheless, programming was in its prime, but it wasn't just the mainstream sitcoms and TV shows that dominated airwaves, kids programming was at its peak.

We decided to comb through the top shows kids in the 90's and create a list of the ones that need to make a comeback, or at the very least, streamable!

8.) "Goosebumps"
The book to TV series is about as scary as any horror film you see today, but that is what made it so good. If you don't trust us, watch an episode of it below.

7.) "All That"
"All That" was the kids and teen version of " Saturday Night Live." Thanks to the show, we were graced with the hilarious talents of Amanda Bynes and "The Amanda Show." "All That" we want you back.

6.) "Catdog"
What a weird, but equally amazing show. "Catalog" was as random as they come, but as good as they come.

5.) "Rugrats"
This Nickelodeon show was the cornerstone of children's television. Everyone watched "Rugrats" because let's face it, it was amazing. You are currently able to watch the "Rugrats" movies on Netflix, but we want it all!

4.) "Hey Arnold"
If you grew up in the 90's you aspired to live in a neighborhood with Arnold and his gang. His bedroom was amazing, if nothing else. The eclectic group of individuals that lived in his building were just as great. And you can't forget Helga. Move it, football head!

3.) "The Amanda Show"
Amanda, please! This show is still as funny if you watch it today. Amanda Bynes was a force of comedic nature that couldn't be stopped. Thank you , "All That" for gracing us with Amanda Bynes.

2.) "Figure It Out"
Okay, okay. Yes, this show is back, but we want it back in it's original 90's form! "Figure It Out" was great for a variety of reasons. One, you were able to see a group of your favorite Nickelodeon stars all together (what could be better) and two, random stuff fell from the sky. The show, random, the execution, amazing.

1.) "Double Dare 2000"
If you grew up watching "Double Dare 2000," you know why this show is #1. Every kid who watched this show wanted to their family participate, if not just for the always amazing obstacle course at the end. Anyone remember yelling at the TV screen when someone didn't get a question right? I think we all do.

Well, there you have it! Let us know in the comments below what you would add. Honestly, there is a TON!

For more TV nostalgia, click through the gallery below to see some of the best apartments from sitcoms through the years!

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Eight 90's shows that we need back in our lives
Apartment envy to the max!  Monica's amazing apartment in the village is what dreams are made of...and that's it, just dreams. (Photo by: Gary Null/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
Oliva Pope knew what was up when purchasing her DC pad. Everything from her white sofa to cashmere blanket, and we can't forget those infamous wine glasses. (Photo by: ABC/Nicole Wilder)
Will and Grace's NYC apartment was huge and we have been jealous of it ever since. (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank)
Dr. Frasier Crane's Seattle apartment fit the character perfectly.  That view, though! (Photo by: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
The Jefferson's uptown digs were very nice and downright amazing. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)
The apartment in New Girl, though. If they are looking for roommates, sign us up! (Photo by: Fox via Getty images)
Jerry's apartment was pretty big for one person, and he even had room to hang his bike! (Photo by Joseph Del Valle/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

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