Controversy arises over Belgian woman's euthanasia

1 In 20 Belgian Deaths Is The Result Of Euthanasia. Here's How It Works

A 24-year-old Belgian woman was recently granted the go-ahead for euthanasia by lethal injection, with depression being the reason for her "death wish." Even though her depression has caused her to have suicidal thoughts throughout her life, her particular situation has caused a lot of controversy, stirring up debates and heated conversations about the "health" of people who are granted permission for euthanasia.

The young woman, who chooses only to be identified as Laura, entered a psychiatric institution when she was 21-years-old. After she was granted permission for the euthanasia, she began planning her funeral and her final words to her family and friends.

When asked about her decision to die, the young woman said:

The foundations of this issue surround the fact that the Belgian doctors thought that her suicidal thoughts were reason enough to grant her the permission to die. While this controversial situation is multi-faceted, what it really boils down to is the health of the woman who was euthanized by lethal injection. While some considered her to be "healthy" others believe that her depression took away from her health because it effected her mental stability.

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