Nick Jonas slams CrossFit for being 'ignorant' about diabetes


CrossFit, the fitness chain millennials flock to in an effort to get insanely strong, posted a controversial remark from CEO Greg Glassman to its official Twitter page on Monday. The tweet was about the way sugary-carbonated beverages affect people's health.

The tweet pictured a Coca-Cola bottle with the slogan "open diabetes." Glassman's quote read "Make sure you pour some out for your dead homies."

Not only was the tweet ridiculously harsh, but it also illuminated people's ignorant mentalities and limited knowledge with regard to diabetes. There are two types of diabetes. Type-one diabetes cannot be prevented even with proper nutrition.

Singer Nick Jonas, who has promoted diabetes awareness ever since he was diagnosed with type-one diabetes when he was 13 years old, responded to CrossFit's "ignorant comments" using the chain's social media platform of choice.

Take that, CrossFit! Next time it wouldn't hurt to learn the facts before angering a world-famous celebrity and all of his social media followers.

Watch this video of Jonas promoting diabetes awareness in 2012:

Nick Jonas' Promotion of Diabetes Awareness
Nick Jonas' Promotion of Diabetes Awareness

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