Mets pitcher Steven Matz can probably spin you on his finger

2 Point Lead: Jim Breuer in the House


New York Mets prospect Steven Matz is set to make his MLB debut on Sunday, and it was long overdue. The 24-year-old posted a 2.19 ERA in Triple-A this season over 14 starts, but mowing down batters apparently isn't the New York native's only talent.

In this Vine dated February 2014, Matz is seen hanging around the house, casually spinning objects on his finger, as one normally would a basketball. An iPad. A picture frame. A large pot. A couch cushion. The usual.

T.J. Chism, Matz's former teammate who posted the Vine, included the caption "He's at it again." Which only leads us to believe this is was far from the first time the pitcher spontaneously spun objects on his finger for fun.

New York is expecting a lot out of the lefty, who they drafted out of high school in 2010. But at the very least, they'll have a very unique asset should they be joining any talent shows in the near future.


It appears that Mets teammate and fellow starter Jacob deGrom is also really good at this!

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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