World's coolest office has an actual kitten library

'Kitten Libraries' Exist!

Sometimes, as we sit at our office desks on a gloomy Monday morning, all we need to pull us out of our funk is a cute cuddle buddy. No, we don't mean you should start cuddling with the poor guy next to you. Instead, how about implementing a kitten library into the office?

That's exactly what an office in New Mexico did! Employees in a county office building in Las Cruces may now select any kitten of their choosing from the kitten library and bring it to their desks for some fur-filled cuddle time. And we thought the Facebook and Google offices were cool.

The kittens live in a condo in the lobby after being rescued from a local animal shelter. Employees even have the option to adopt a kitten if they develop a unique connection. So far, more than 100 kittens have been adopted from the library.

We're not exactly sure why every office doesn't have a kitten library. It seems like a win-win and we sincerely hope our office will give it a try. Maybe we can extend the idea and develop a puppy library too? Please?

We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Click through this slideshow to see pictures of adorable kittens that will brighten your day:

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World's coolest office has an actual kitten library
Germany, Kittens sitting in hat, close up
Kittens in a field
hand feeding a cute orphaned...
Curious kitten looking at the camera
Cute kitten licking his mouth while eating
Bengal kitten on grey background
Kitten meowing
Kitten food
Kitten vs Hand Wrestling
Kitten. :)

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