Watch Tom Brady and the Patriots dance like idiots

Patriots Won't Appeal Deflategate Punishment


The New England Patriots have been in some hot water with the league, even after winning the Super Bowl in February. The NFL slapped them with a huge fine, draft pick forfeiture and even suspended quarterback Tom Brady for a quarter of the season for roles in the never-ending Deflategate saga.

But that hasn't stopped them from partying with rappers and giving no damns about their horrible dance moves.

The team received their championship rings Sunday night, and there was a wealth of Vine-worthy material during the celebration. It was very likely the first time Brady had ever heard a Migos song, and he reacted exactly how you'd imagine -- like an eighth-grader at formal.

(Caution: NSFW lyrics)

Actually, from Brady, "Handsome and Wealthy" seems like a pretty good rebuttal to the league after these last few months.

Things got slightly more entertaining when Rob Gronkowski emerges wearing a soaking wet Tommy Bahama shirt -- we swear this guy never breaks out of character -- as Brady fist pumps with a four-ringed fist.

Also, Wiz Khalifa was there, because why not?

Love them or hate them, the Pats have earned the right to party. We just have to thank Migos and Fetty Wap for making it all the more enjoyable.

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