Woman sues eBay over selling plots of land on the sun

Woman Suing eBay Over Right to Sell Plots of Land on the Sun

Back in 2010 a Spanish woman named Maria Duran started threatening solar power users that she was going to charge them. And a star was born.

She had gone to a local court and got a notary to back up her claim that she owns the sun. Great way to lose your license as a notary but that's not how it's played out.

Duran began selling plots of land or really plots of gas that's 27 million degrees fahrenheit for $1 per square meter or $3.28 per square foot. Not bad since the average home in New York City goes for $1,416 per square inch.

eBay shut her down for violating their intangible goods policy but, Doran says eBay collected their fee on her sales without allowing her to get the money she says is owed to her.

So now she's suing for $11,000 and is in the running for most frivolous lawsuit of 2015.

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