Insta-famous #FollowMeTo man posts stunning wedding pictures

Russian photographer Murad Osmann is known for his famous Instagram hashtag series, #FollowMeTo. He utilizes the hashtag when traveling the world with his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, by posting stunning pictures of Zakharova leading him to various awe-inspiring sites.

In the pictures, we see Osmann's arm stretched out in front of the camera holding Zakharova's as she takes the lead on each new adventure.

Four days ago, Osmann posted an Instagram of Zakharova preparing for the wedding. He teased his loyal followers as to when the wedding would take place. Two days later our suspicions were confirmed as Osmann and Zakharova both posted beautiful photos of their wedding to their social media platform of choice. Talk about #relationshipgoals.

See the rest of Osmann's show-stopping Instagram pics here.

This couple's wedding Instas are definitely on par with these celeb wedding pics on social media:

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