Twitter reacts to FIFA President Sepp Blatter's resignation

FIFA's Blatter Announces Resignation Days After Re-Election

After being reelected as the president of FIFA last Friday, Sepp Blatter announced his resignation earlier today. The news of his leave comes amidst the scandal and controversy that is currently surrounding the soccer organization.

'Shots' were fired on social media from figures and FIFA fans alike as people took advantage of the situation to make jokes and remarks about the issues that have been plaguing FIFA.

During a press conference today, Blatter said,"I appreciate and love FIFA more than anything else, and I only want to do the best for football and for FIFA." As can be expected, Twitter erupted with reactions and responses to the president's decision to leave amid this massive controversy.

See how the Internet reacted to the resignation in the slideshow below:

Sepp Blatter resignation Twitter reactions
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Twitter reacts to FIFA President Sepp Blatter's resignation
I am really upset that #SeppBlatter has resigned. He seems like such a great guy.
#NostalgiaToMe - the bad days of FIFA corruption - Goodriddance #SeppBlatter
CONSPIRACY THEORY: the FIFA movie opens in the U.S. this weekend. What if this is all a marketing ploy to make sure the movie makes money???
FIFA to-do list: 1) Change the fields for the women to grass 2) Elect Bob Ley the next president 3) Move 2022 World Cup to anywhere else.
If you're assuming #SeppBlatter resigned NOT under threat from somebody or some organization, you're naive enough to work for Roger Goodell
Sources telling me of new candidate emerging for head of #FIFA. #SeppBlatter
#SeppBlatter nominates mysterious newcomer as successor
World reacts to #SeppBlatter #FIFA
WWI, WWII, & now w/ the resignation of #SeppBlatter, the Americans have rescued Europe for the 3rd time. #FIFA
But I thought he said he was everyone's president? #SeppBlatter
Right, now that Blatter's out of the way, the urgent business of getting the #WorldCup withdrawn from Qatar begins. #FIFA
Vladimir Putin will be thrilled #SeppBlatter
Just landed. Half the airplane has switched on smartphones and is rejoicing over #SeppBlatter resignation.
I hate to be a party pooper but #SeppBlatter isn't the only problem at #FIFA. There are still plenty of wrong 'uns & a corrupt voting system
BREAKING- #SeppBlatter has announced he will resign to spend more time with his family and his shredder.
We all remember where we were when we said #SeppBlatter would never resign
Breaking News: #SeppBlatter resigns as president About bloody time!
At last, FIFA has a cure to its persistent Blatter infection
How should #SeppBlatter spend his new found free time? Designing a line of hot pants for women's soccer? #seppsfreetime
#SeppBlatter formerly and currently known as #Septicemia; a bacteria capable of destroying an entire body announces he is stepping down. YAS
Won't be any "who's Sepp Blatter" rocks to hide under any more. #PopCulture
Wonder if #SeppBlatter resigned cuz he finally got that job offer from the #Patriots
Trying to explain to my other half who Sepp Blatter is. Getting this kind of look....
Terrible shame about @SeppBlatter After all he's done for the game....
I would have liked it if Sepp Blatter had ended his news conference with: "Stay thirsty, my friends."
Hmmm. @SeppBlatter follows @JamesBlunt on #Twitter Coincidence? I think not. #SeppBlatterResigns
This is the USA's biggest contribution to soccer since we decided to go ahead and make up our own name for it. #SeppBlatter

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