Texans line up to rescue animals from flooded shelters

Texans Line Up to Rescue Animals from Flooded Shelters
Texans Line Up to Rescue Animals from Flooded Shelters

The massive floods in Texas produced some unbelievable images of destruction and tragedy but its also produced some inspirational sights of people not only coming to the help of people in need, but animals in need as well.

The extensive flooding in Texas left 15 dead, several missing, hundreds displaced, and thousands without power. It also forced hundreds of pets to be evacuated or displaced, prompting some shelters like Austin Pets Alive to put the word out on Facebook they urgently needed people to take in animals for the night.

The result? More than 12,000 shares -- and a line at the shelter out the door and down the street, the community responding in droves to give these animals dry homes.

In fact so many people came to take in a dog or cat, Austin Pets Alive posted updates that they were able to accommodate every animal and received enough donations of towels and laundry to meet all the shelter's needs.

Meanwhile other shelters like Austin Animal Center waived adoption fees helping them find even more pets warm dry homes, while donations of food and supplies began piling up.

And with Texans continuing to line up to make donations and take home animals, the shelters are going to soon find themselves with a new problem: they may have more food than animals to eat it.

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