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India Heatwave Deaths Rise
India Heatwave Deaths Rise

1. The extreme heat wave in India has now taken over 1,400 lives as people crowd into rivers and shade to avoid the worst of the hot temperatures. The government is urging people to stay out of the sun as temperatures near 117 degrees Fahrenheit, but the country's widespread poverty was forcing many to continue working. Read more here.

2. Scandal is now synonymous with the name FIFA following a raid that has shaken the soccer world. Several officials were arrested yesterday on corruption charges, including more than $150 million in kickbacks and bribes. Read more here.

3. At least 15 people are dead and a dozen missing following the torrential rains and violent storms in Texas this week, and hundreds more have fled their homes following an evacuation order. The area is still under a dire threat of floods. Read more here.

4. Former New York governor George Pataki has just announced his bid for the 2016 presidential election. Read more here.

5. Big mistake: The U.S. military accidentally shipped live Anthrax samples to labs in nine states and to a U.S. air base in South Korea. 26 individuals are being given post-exposure treatments. Read more here.