One New Yorker took his dying pup on a bucket list adventure

Couple Takes Dying Dog on Epic Adventure
Couple Takes Dying Dog on Epic Adventure

One dog owner is going to great lengths to make sure his pooch is living the best life he can.

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Poh, a mixed-breed dog from New York City, went on the trip of a lifetime thanks to his owner.

Neil Rodriguez adopted Poh from an animal shelter when he was just an eight-week-old pup back in 1999. When Neil found out Poh only had a little time to live, he wanted to maximize every second and decided to take him on a cross-country road trip.

Rodriguez is such an avid traveler that he was just happy to be able to travel with Poh. The trip lasted seven weeks and Rodriguez took his four-legged friend to every place imaginable.

Thanks to Instagram, we are able to take a peek into their heart-warming journey. Washington D.C, Seattle, and San Francisco were a few stops along their remarkable journey. They also managed to stop by Walter White's house from "Breaking Bad" and "The Goonies" house in Oregon.

One destination Rodriguez definitely wanted to take Poh was to the Pacific Ocean. He told ABC News that allowing Poh the chance to swim in the water gave him the energy of a five-year-old pup!

Poh is one lucky dog, but in reality, Neil Rodriguez is one lucky owner. Make sure to follow Poh on Instagram to see more of his amazing adventures!

If that didn't warm your heart, check out the slideshow below of even more adorable pups!

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